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Star Warrior and Apple Princess by Yakra Star Warrior and Apple Princess by Yakra
Yet another 'I'm alive!' uploads! X'D

Well... rather.... I've been meaning to put this up for more than 2 months back, but since I have become the ultimate ultimate procrastinator..... ^^;;;; (Is there any way to dig oneself out of the hole of procrastination regarding uploadance? :'D *kicks self to be moar active*)

This was done for ~HarunaAkatsuki's charity artbook for the Japanese floods (click click here [link] for more infos [as well as pretty artworks]?!)~ Thankfully, I'm atleast not that slow in making the stuffs as I am in uploading them, else she'd have chopped me head. X'D The theme of the artbook was to anthromorphize the things one would find in the Tohoku region, and the mad combo of trying to combine the festival of Nebuta and the most yum-looking apples of Aomori in a cheesy tale inspired off the story of Vega and Altair resulted in.... this.

[Le Random obligatory story spam [Vega and Altair - Yakra versions!] : The Fire Star Warrior was one of the seven sons of the god of Heavens, charged with the duty to protect and watch over the festival of lights as it happened each year - watching over the lands below and making sure no hindrance disturbed the festivities. Feisty and reckless, he gave his siblings headaches to no end - despite being charged to only observe and guard the festival from high above, he often sneaked to the grounds below and joined the revellers each year. It was one such year, as he sneaked down, in hope of grabbing some of the famed apples when he found not just the fruit but the Apple Princess herself, daughter of the god of Earth. Instantly enamoured, he forgot all about his original intent and instead whisked her up away into the heavens.

When the gods of Earth heard of the news, he raged against the heavens for his daughter to be returned, for without her and the apples she grew, the festival could not happen each year. But to the shock of all, the Princess declared that she too loved the Warrior, and refused to return. Grudgingly, the gods of Heaven and Earth both gave the two permission to stay together, providing they did not shun their duties.

But~ in their joy, as years passed, the Apple Princess forgot to tend to her trees, and the Star Warrior guarded not the revellers, choosing only to protect his wife. And so, their behaviour earning the wrath of both heaven and earth, they were separated, their path blocked by a river of stars, the Milky Way. The Apple Princess was despondent and cried and begged her father to let her be reunited with the Warrior once more. At last he relented and agreed, declaring that he would allow the two to reunite, but only for a while, each year, of she did her duties well and the apples were ready by the festival each year.

And so it is each year, as the stars Vega and Altair cross paths and meet, a bridge across the Milky Way is created, allowing the two to be reunited for a brief while, once more.

[Additional Yakra additions of addingness because one wants happy endings!: It is said a time will come, if all the land shall be filled with apple trees, and people would take care of their own trees, the Princess shall be allowed to finally return and live with the Warrior once more, forever! So plant a tree!!]]

*kicked for HUGE wall of text spams*

...Who all actually read all that? ^^;
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Wag-Tail Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2012  Student Filmographer
Awesome :aww: Really outstanding line work there mate ^_^ Traditional artwork for the win! 8D Never underestimate the power of negative space :) nicely composed and so smoothly coloured *is awe struck with awesome*
just-joey Featured By Owner May 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, my dear muse loved this picture just from the title, before I even clicked on it. And of course I love it because it's so fun and lively and pretty...and even more once I read the story. Of course, I always loved the story behind the Tanabata festival...but I like your version better. And I so would plant an apple tree if only I owned any yard to actually plant it in. TT

The both of them are so cute though! And I so love the clothing desings!
dievegge Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2012
may i ask on what paper you paint this? the colours turned out really pretty...
feathergoblinfly Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2012
its absolutely lovely
good to know that you are still alive!!
still in lahore??
and :( sadly I donot have the time to read that but i'll when i get free and farigh ^^
tenko72 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2012
I really, really, really like your stories.

That being said, there's a lot of unnecessary white space here. I really like the core of this. I like those lively poses and the sense of motion here with the flowing fabric of their outfits and those lanterns. Those stars look pretty too.
kyubiefox Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2012
I'm so happy to see you're back! Your work is lovely, as usual. : >
E1L0n3wy Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ahhhhh :glomp: I missed you >w< :heart: I love this too =D
Honoel Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
ohhhhhhh very lovely! Love the vibrant colors! and the swirly clouds and the leaves and the star pattern and I can go on forever....
masaothedog Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2012   Traditional Artist
I always really liked this story^_^. More importantly, your illustration is gorgeous! I like the bright colours against the subdued back ground. Also, the poses are exciting, and I think they add movement to the image<3.
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